II   Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress

joined with International Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

14 - 18 SEPTEMBER 2021

Brno Czech Republic




 31 July 2021                          Abstract submission deadline

 31 July 2021                          Early bird registration

14-16 September 2021  International Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

16-18 September 2021  2nd Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress



Research and evidence-based medicine in Plastic surgery

Reconstructive surgery



Send the registration for active participation no later than 31 July 2021.


Log in ON-LINE using the ON-LINE REGISTRATION OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION form (see at the top of the page the arrow on the right ACTIVE PARTICIPATION ON-LINE REGISTRATION).

The form can be edited after loggingin and inserting an abstract additionally. Delivery will be confirmed to the e-mail you entered. Please pay attention to the correct and complete completion of the form and e-mail address. Registration is possible without sending an abstract – can be inserted later. At the same time, please register your participation in the congress registration form.


Abstracts are submitted exclusively in electronic form no later than the deadline for registration for active participation on 31 July 2021. Abstracts can then be edited in the proceedings, (the deadline for editing / uploading abstracts is no later than 10 August 2021).


E-poster is a new modern poster solution. Interactive touch kiosks with special meet Poster applications replace existing printed posters and allow easy and fast management of all the information presented. This solution brings comfort during presentations of individual posters. The posters will be presented in PDF format. The electronic version of the posters will be uploaded to the virtual library, which will be available throughout the congress on computers located in the congress center. The program committee reserves the right to include the lecture into the congress program or move it to the poster section. In case of late submission, the committee does not guarantee inclusion in the congress program.


The authors will be informed about the acceptance / non-acceptance of the lecture, e-poster by the congress program committee no later than 31 July 2021 by e-mail. The program and information on the length of the lectures will be available from 10 August 2021. The presenting author undertakes to participate in the congress and present the lecture in the section and time that will be determined by the congress scientific committee.



The authors will be informed about the acceptance / non-acceptance of the abstract and its inclusion by e-mail.


Abstracts must contain the original concrete results achieved by the authors. Avoid general "will be discussed" or "we will demonstrate" formulations and always give numbers of reported patients, examinations, and results. Summary essays like the review or state-of-the-art type will be accepted only after prior agreement with the organizing committee.

Abstracts will not be edited, the presenting author is responsible for the content and formal aspects of his work.



- presenting author (surname, first name)

- workplace

- author's e-mail

- topic (one of the congress program topics)

- preferred form (lecture / e-poster)



Name (max. 150 symbols incl. spaces, IN CAPITAL LETTERS)

Authors (including presenting author, affiliate number in upper index)

      In the format: N. Surname1, N. Surname 2, N. Surname3

Department – Affiliates (for each author, one author may have more than one affiliation)

      In format: 1Institution, Department, City, State, 2Institution, Department, City, State,

Abstract text (maximum 4000 symbols incl. spaces)

Abstract structure:

      Introduction, methodology, results, conclusion, project support (fill in only if you want to mention grant or company research support).


The posters will be presented in electronic form on interactive touch LCD screens.

Send the e-poster presentation no later than 10 August 2021 via the registration form ONLINE REGISTRATION OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.


E-poster preparation

E-posters will be presented in PDF format. Use MS PowerPoint for production. The area for displaying e-posters on the screen is 52 x 72 cm (w x h). The e-poster does not have to correspond exactly to these dimensions – the width always adapts to the size of the area (however, we recommend setting the width of the document to 52 cm during production), the length is arbitrary (the poster can be rolled). The recommended minimum font size for a document width of 52 cm is 18-20 points (see the template in the screen size). E-poster boards are equipped with the "ZOOM" function, so any details (picture, graph) on the e-poster can be enlarged while viewing.


E-poster production

1) In MS PowerPoint

a) setting the document size (width 52 cm, height as required) in "Page Design / Appearance"

b) insertion of texts, graphs and pictures

c) sending via the registration form ON-LINE REGISTRATION OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in the format PPT, PPTX (we will arrange the conversion to PDF).


2) In other programs (eg Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, etc.)

a) setting the size of the document (width 52 cm, height as needed)

b) insertion of texts, graphs and pictures

c) sending via the ON-LINE REGISTRATION OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION registration form in PDF format.


Any number of videos can be attached to each e-poster. Please send the videos via the depository to the e-mail: petakova@bos-congress.cz

Supported video formats: avi, mp4, wmv, webm

All e-posters must be sent by 10 August 2021 in order to be presented at the congress.


 A data projector with a computer equipped with MS Office Windows will be available for all lectures within the program. Please limit the use of your own technology to the minimum necessary. Lecturers have the opportunity to contact the projection technician during breaks and agree on the form and technical requirements for their presentation.

Computer specification - Instructions for PowerPoint

Please save your presentation in the version "PowerPoint presentation" (* ppt) or (* .pptx) so that we can guarantee the successful opening of your presentation on our computers. We recommend saving the presentation in PPT, PPTX format before saving in PPS format.

Fonts -Only fonts that are part of the basic MS-Windows installation (Czech version of Windows) will be available. Using other fonts may cause your presentation style will display incorrectly. Recommended fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma – If you insist on using special fonts, you must save these fonts along with the presentation. Use the following procedure: (Click on "Tools" then "Options" then "Save" and check the box "Insert True Type Fonts", then save the presentation).

Pictures / Videos

- JPG format is the most used program for "inserting" images into a presentation.

- GIF, TIF or BMP formats are also acceptable.

- A resolution of up to 250 dpi is sufficient for high-quality display of images during a presentation. Higher image resolution only increases file size and does not improve the resolution of dots on the canvas. Please compress the saved images in the presentation in the recommended resolution.

- If you have a video stored in the presentation, please come to the hall where your lecture will take place in advance, where we will test whether your video format is compatible with our software.

- VIDEO FILES: Windows Media Player (* .mpeg MPEG Movie, * .avi Video for Windows, * .wmv Windows Media Video File) - bring your own codec

- SELF-OPERATING FILES: Macromedia Flash Player etc. (* .exe)



- Please bring your files on one of the listed media: CD-ROM (CD-R / RW), DVD-ROM (DVD ± R / RW) or USB flash disc

- Save all files associated with the presentation in one folder. (PowerPoint, movie / video files, etc.).

- If you give more presentations during the congress, save the presentations in different folders and name them so that there can be no misunderstandings when saving to our system.

- Always make a backup of your presentation on a second medium or removable disk.

Where to play your presentation at the congress

 - Please deliver your presentation to the lecture hall on Thursday 16 September 2021 from 5 pm to 6.30 pm or on Friday 17 September 2021 from 7.30 am to 8.30 am if you have a lecture planned for the first morning block. If you will be lecturing in other blocks, please use the coffee break or lunch break to deliver the materials, but at most 1 ½ hour before the start of your block.

 - Technicians in the hall will upload your presentation to the system so that they have time to try the presentation and check that it is displayed correctly. Please note that when recording directly in the hall during a break in front of your section, there is no time left to check.

- During your performance, you will be able to control your presentation using the remote control, which will be shown to you by the present technician during the break.

- After the congress end, all presentations will be removed from our computers.



The timekeeper will be available.