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30 April 2021                           Registration deadline for active participation

10 May 2021                            Acceptance notice to lecturers

31 May 2021                            Discount for early registration and fee payment

10 August 2021                      Programme and information for lecturers regarding length of lecture

10 August 2021                      Deadline for last edit options to abstract

14-16 September 2021        International Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course  

16-18 September 2021        2nd Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress    



Dear Colleagues and Friends,


This is kindly to invite you to the II. Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress, which will take place in Brno, Marriott Courtyard Hotel, September 16-18, 2021. Organizers evolve idea of Dr. Jerzy Kolasiński who started the first event of this kind 2 years ago in Polanica Zdroj. Very successful meeting proved viability of idea to connect plastic surgeons from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic (V4), countries with similar geographical, cultural and political background.

Congress will provide space for nearly 100 presenters in free papers category, 8 invited lectures – 2 representing each V4 country, nominated by national societies and finally audience will have exceptional opportunity to learn from world leaders of our specialty Dr. J.P.Hong, Dr. Bohdan Pomahac and Dr.Pietro Berrino. We suppose their key note lectures will provide us with extraordinary educational experience.


Learning process will be enhanced by morning detailed courses in selected topics.


For those who want to improve practical skills in perforator flap elevation there will be two days anatomical workshop just before the congress. Both our rare guests J.P.Hong and P.Berrino will be in anatomical lab and participate teaching process in person!


And what about social events during congress? There are at least two good reasons why people travel to Brno.

First organizers want to bring participants to recently reopened exhibition of Slavic Epopee, 16 monumental paintings by Alfons Mucha, depicting crucial moments from Slavic history. Second, for those who are interested in architecture we will organize visit to functionalistic Vila Tugendhat, built by famous architect Miese van der Rohe.

Finally, do not forget that Brno is located in wine area of South Moravia and tasting of local wines during harvest time have special atmosphere.


We wish you come to Brno to share your expertise, receive new ideas, meet old friends, make new one and also to say hallo to your teachers, mentors and inspirational heroes.


Welcome to the II. Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress in Brno.


Dr. Luboš Dražan

President of the Congress



Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Brno 

Holandská 12


Czech Republic

II   Visegrad Plastic Surgery Congress

joined with International Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

16 - 18 SEPTEMBER 2021

Brno Czech Republic



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